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New Docuseries Serving the Hamptons Serves Big Drama As the Staff of Hamptons Hot Spot 75 Main Restaurant Work Hard and Play Harder

February 17, 2022

All Episodes Available on discovery+ Beginning Thursday, April 7th

NEW YORK – February 14, 2022 – Each summer on the East-end of Long Island, as the Hamptons play home to those looking for an escape from the city, 75 Main Restaurant becomes the epicenter of who’s who. As the seasonal temperatures rise, so does the drama on the new discovery+ docuseries, Serving the Hamptons, premiering on Thursday, April 7th. The five hour-long episodes take viewers into one of the most exclusive enclaves in the world, while showcasing all the juicy drama in the lives of the young, sexy restaurant staff at Southampton’s “it” destination for dining, 75 Main, as they hook up, argue, and work together to make sure the clients come back for more.

“This is what I love about this country.  After 75 Main, and all restaurants, faced such a difficult year, we came roaring back to our best summer ever and having the support of discovery+ is a dream come true,” said Zach Erdem, Owner of 75 Main.

To attract the best employees to serve his elite clientele of celebrities, politicians, and the uber rich, 75 Main owner Zach Erdem provides his staff with a gorgeous beach house—provided they follow his rules and take care of his customers.  That’s easier said than done when your staff has a resident heartbreaker and plays even harder than they work to take full advantage of all a summer in the Hamptons has to offer. To keep the young staff in line, Zach enlists manager Victoria Hilton to ensure the few rules he’s established are followed, including being on time, no drinking at work, and most importantly, no dating among the staff. But this summer, rules will be broken, personalities will clash, secrets will be revealed, a shocking love triangle will unfold, and true romance may just get in the way.

“Discovery+ is the perfect home for Serving the Hamptons.  Content risk-taking is rare these days and the Discovery family of networks has shown us the power of harnessing their global reach and expertise,” said Robert Friedman, CEO of Bungalow and Executive Producer. “It has been a great experience and we know this show is going to delight viewers. The food content is hot and the drama is even hotter.” 

Meet the cast of Serving the Hamptons:

  • Samantha Crichton, V.I.P. Hostess @samcrichton_  
  • Hailey Druek, Waitress @izmeeehaileeey
  • Zach Erdem, Owner @zacherdem
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bartender @ryan.fitzz
  • Jillian Gough, V.I.P. Hostess@jilliangough
  • Victoria Hilton, Manager @therealvictoriahilton
  • Jodie Bisasor, Bartender@jodiebisasor
  • Jack Tavcar – Waiter @jtavcar
  • Ethan Thompson – DJ @imjustethan
  • Brogan Wu – Chef @thekitchenwitch

Serving the Hamptons starts off with summer in full swing and the restaurant buzzing.  V.I.P. Hostess Jillian Gough parties a little too hard at the staff house and fails to show up to work the next day. Meanwhile, Zach has chef Brogan Wu preparing his birthday dinner, full of his favorite dishes prepared exactly how he likes, except Brogan finds herself in hot water when the staff fails to get her ingredients and she must improvise on the spot. Victoria Hilton decides to surprise Zach with a special show for his birthday, but things quickly go south when all the attention is taken off the birthday boy.

The drama continues as Jack Tavcar and Hailey Druek muster the courage to confront Zach about not getting tipped after his birthday. Ethan Thompson develops a crush on Brogan, but after she puts him in the friend zone, he goes wild breaking the house rules, pursuing a different housemate, as well as secretly hooking up with a local Hamptonite he met at a DJ gig. No matter the house drama, the staff must put their personal issues aside to serve some of the wealthiest and most demanding clients in the Hamptons to make the summer a success.

Fans can learn more about the staff of 75 Main on Instagram by following #ServingTheHamptons. For more videos and clips highlighting all the drama, deleted scenes that didn’t make the show, and more, follow discovery+ on social media.

Serving the Hamptons is produced by Bungalow Media + Entertainment for discovery+.

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