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Seventy years ago, a murderous Bigfoot-like creature sent residents fleeing from Portlock, Alaska. Now, an expedition returns to the abandoned fishing village to reclaim the land and its resources from the terrifying beast locals call Nantinaq. The team’s 40-day sojourn in the icy Alaskan wilderness tests their mettle, their faith and their ability to survive.


Season 1

EPISODE 1: “Village of the Damned” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, December 7

After bidding their loved ones farewell and receiving a blessing from a priest, the team arrives in Portlock , Alaska, by boat. The men immediately feel a sense of foreboding, and Kyle, a Bigfoot skeptic, feels like he’s being watched by something he can’t explain.

EPISODE 2: “It Knows We’re Here” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, December 7

The first days in Portlock have left the team members distinctly unsettled as they discover evidence of Nantinaq’s hunting habits. Keith and Ash visit a historian, who fills them in on the town’s bloody past, while the creature leaves a stern warning.

EPISODE 3: “An Unhappy Medium” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, December 14

The team continues to make shocking discoveries in eerie Portlock, including a mysterious obelisk in the forest. They’re joined by a psychic medium who wants to build a spiritual bridge to Nantinaq but panics when she senses a dark and deadly presence.

EPISODE 4: “Camp Terror” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, January 4 on discovery+

Keith fears Portlock is cursed when he learns the horrifying history of the mysterious coin. Later, Ash regrets ignoring a warning not to venture into an abandoned mine, and Nantinaq stages a brutal attack on base camp in the middle of the night.

EPISODE 5: “We’re the Prey” – Begins Streaming Tuesday, January 11 on discovery+

The team is unnerved by evidence that Nantinaq may be lurking in the water. They head back to no man’s land with night vision goggles to spy on the creature, but things get out of control fast when they spot an inexplicable blaze in the woods.


Season One