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Alaska is a hotbed for UFO sightings, abductions and extraterrestrial encounters. Why are these otherworldly visitors drawn to America’s last frontier? Shocking new evidence and personal testimony from local witnesses shed light on the alien activity. [Hour-long episodes]


Season One

Episode 1 - “Men in Black” – Begins Streaming Monday, February 15

A fleet of glimmering orbs stalk the skies above Anchorage. Strange men in black suits knock on the door of a UFO witness after an eerie light show in North Pole, Alaska. A woman is terrorized by a pack of small humanoid creatures that only she can see.

Episode 2 - “Alien Flight Plan” – Begins Streaming Monday, February 22

A routine flight turns terrifying when a bush pilot witnesses unsettling UFO activity. A former government operative reveals top-secret coordinates to an alleged alien base. A man chases a playful pair of levitating lights across Juneau.

Episode 3 - “Night Stalkers” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 1

An extraterrestrial stalker leaves a family frozen in fear outside of Juneau. A maritime monster nearly capsizes an aircraft on Alaska’s famed Lake Iliamna. A hunter thwarts an attempted abduction by a fireball-spitting UFO.

Episode 4 - “They Walk Among Us” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 8

Hunters unearth new clues about Bigfoot’s cosmic origins. An Air Force veteran receives a shocking response when he reports UFO activity over Fairbanks. Piercing lights from above disrupt a late-night party near Wasilla, Alaska.

Episode 5 - “Nightmare Below Zero” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 15

A man finds a mysterious implant in his leg after a nighttime snowmobile ride. Four friends witness the same eerie light show miles away from each other. An otherworldly beast stalks a family for three generations. A woman hears an unholy chorus.

Episode 6 - “The Mother Ship” – Begins Streaming Monday, March 22

An amateur photographer captures floating orbs on camera. UFOs circle a larger, egg-shaped mother ship floating high above Anchorage. A brother and sister watch in awe as a massive aircraft disappears behind a mountain range.