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American Detective with Joe Kenda

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American Detective with Joe Kenda

American Detective with Joe Kenda: Lt. Joe Kenda, one of the toughest, most experienced homicide detectives in ID history, is back exclusively on discovery+ with an all new series. Over the years, Kenda has heard about cases that defy logic and expose the depravity of human nature: investigations so confounding that the twists and turns feel more scripted in Hollywood than reality. In American Detective, Kenda trades in his own case files to bring viewers astounding investigations from across the country, with each episode putting a different homicide detective at the forefront whose tireless efforts helped put a killer behind bars and bring justice for the victim. Kenda guides us through the nuances of each case and the dogged detective work featured in American Detective, the riveting raconteur whose gruff voice and gritty demeanor keep us hanging on his every word.

In episode one, Vermont police discover a vehicle abandoned along the side of a dark country road. The owner is a beloved young schoolteacher, and her 2-year-old son sits asleep still strapped into his car seat. Captain Robert Cushing is called upon to lead the investigation, and his men soon discover the victim’s body concealed in the icy waters of a nearby lake. The sleepy town of Waterford, Vermont is shaken to its core, and even a veteran investigator like Cushing is unprepared for the depravity of the killer’s plan. Additional cases featured in the 10-episodes of American Detective include: a young realtor whose body was found at the bottom of a Miami high-rise, where clues lead the investigation to a second victim; a young woman who was murdered next to an infamous homeless encampment in Seattle, where the lead detective notices a clue they’ve seen before which creates a city-wide hunt for a depraved serial killer; a 16-year-old girl who was found floating and bound in metal chains three miles off the Jersey shore; an elderly couple viciously attacked in their Phoenix home; and more.



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