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A year after devastating wildfires forced them to evacuate the Olympic Peninsula, the EXPEDITION BIGFOOT team – acclaimed primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot experts Bryce Johnson, Ronny LeBlanc and Russell Acord – return to Washington State. Encouraged by an incredible discovery from the previous expedition, the team devises a new plan to rouse a Bigfoot from hiding and prove these elusive creatures are not a myth but a reality.


Dr. Mireya Mayor

World-renowned primatologist, Fulbright Scholar and National Science Foundation Fellow, Mireya Mayor is not your typical scientist. For nearly two decades, she has been a wildlife correspondent, reporting on wildlife and habitat loss while advocating for solutions to the alarming trends. Mireya has been hailed as a “female Indiana Jones,” in the media and is an inspiration to young women interested in science and exploration. A two-time Emmy Award-nominated field correspondent for the National Geographic Channel, Mireya reports to audiences worldwide on pertinent wildlife and habitat issues. Her explorations have led to several scientific discoveries, most notably her co-discovery of the world’s smallest primates, a brand-new species to science. The daughter of Cuban immigrants, Mireya grew up in Miami and earned her bachelor’s degree in anthropology and English at the University of Miami and went on to earn her Ph.D. from Stony Brook University. She recently joined Florida International University as director of the Exploration and Science Communication Initiative. Mireya is also the author of “Pink Boots and a Machete: My Journey from NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer.” She can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as on the Web.

Bryce Johnson

Acclaimed actor/producer as well as creator and host of the popular podcast “Bigfoot Collectors Club,” Bryce has been obsessed with Bigfoot ever since he was a young boy. Although acting is his profession, researching the strange and unexplained, along with crypto-zoological creatures, are his passion. Those pursuits converged in 2013, when Bryce starred in the critically lauded movie “Willow Creek,” a found-footage horror film about a quest to find evidence of Bigfoot. While researching his role, Bryce met Robert “Bob” Gimlin, the man who, along with Roger Patterson, captured the legendary footage of Bigfoot in 1967. That meeting, and their subsequent friendship, cemented Bryce’s commitment to pursuing the truth about the existence of Bigfoot. He can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Russell Acord

Author of “Footprints of a Legend” and “Bigfoot and the Tripwire,” event coordinator for the International Bigfoot Conference and skilled survivalist, retired Army Sergeant Russell Acord spends his free time traveling the Pacific Northwest looking for evidence of Bigfoot. Raised in the mountains of Montana, Russell takes a solid scientific approach to his Bigfoot research. His interest in the subject began when he saw the famous Patterson/Gimlin film, and he has been actively searching for Bigfoot since the late ‘70s. He can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as the Web.

Ronny LeBlanc

Ronny LeBlanc is a globally recognized figure in the world of paranormal, Bigfoot and UFOs. Ronny is an independent researcher, screenwriter and author of the critically acclaimed and best-selling book “Monsterland: Encounters With UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs,” which details the history and connection between the various phenomena, highlighting his experience and a research area called Monsterland in central Massachusetts. Ronny was the first person ever to cast a Bigfoot print in the Bay State from a trackway discovered by a couple in Leominster State Forest in the summer of 2010. He is a regular speaker at the Exeter UFO Festival, New England UFO Conference and ParaFest and has been featured on nationally syndicated radio programs like “Coast to Coast AM with George Noory” and “Fade to Black with Jimmy Church.” He was recently highlighted for his research experience in a cover story for The Boston Herald. He is the founder and host of the “Monsterland” podcast. He can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as the Web.


Season 3

Episode 1 - "Strange Returns"

Episode 2 -

Episode 3 -“Stalked in Terror” – Begins Streaming Sunday, April 3 on discovery+

A mysterious shadow figure gets too close for Ronny LeBlanc and Dr. Mireya Mayor’s comfort. Russell Acord tracks a large creature along a well-used game trail but quickly realizes he’s being stalked in return. Bryce Johnson makes an unsettling discovery at the bottom of a lake.

Episode 4 – “Creatures in the Trees” – Begins Streaming Sunday, April 10 on discovery+

The team ascends massive pine trees in search of evidence from above. Bryce Johnson uncovers government secrets that may include underground bunkers. A 3D image specialist discovers possible human-made structures deep in the forest and captures a ghostly image.


Episode 5 – “Fresh Kills” – Begins Streaming Sunday, April 17 on discovery+

Ronny LeBlanc, Dr. Mireya Mayor and Bryce Johnson search for a top-secret government research facility hidden beneath the forest, and a witness comes forward with his up-close encounter with Bigfoot. Meanwhile, Russell Acord is unnerved by a gruesome discovery.

Episode 6 - “Return to Lake Fear” – Begins Streaming Sunday, April 24 on discovery+

The investigation reaches a fever pitch as the team uncovers a potential Bigfoot kill zone directly above Lake Fear. Thrilled by their findings, they launch a squadron of patrol drones to sweep the area for definitive proof of the existence of Sasquatch.

Episode 7 - “Where the Legend Began” – Begins Streaming Sunday, May 1 on discovery+

The team has a truly shocking sighting, only to see their best lead yet lead slip through their fingers. But a groundbreaking tip leads Bryce Johnson to wrap up their expedition in Washington State and relocate to a new Bigfoot hot spot.

Episode 8 - “Sounds of Terror” – Begins Streaming Sunday, May 8 on discovery+

At their new base camp in California, the team records a howl unlike anything they’ve heard before. Later, Bryce Johnson learns of a potential Bigfoot coverup by the U.S. government. And Russell Acord, Ronny Le Blanc and Mireya Mayor come face-to-face with danger while on a night hunt.



Episode 9 - “

Episode 10 -

Episode 11 -

Episode 12:

SPECIAL EPISODE: “New Discoveries” –