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Fan-favorite series “Pig Royalty” returns for second season Wednesday, Mar. 16 on discovery+

March 11, 2022

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The kings and queens of pig shows are back! The fan-favorite series, PIG ROYALTY, returns and this time the buckles are off as the competition (and drama!) reach unparalleled heights. The Rihn and the Balero family rivalry continues to boil while Balero protegee, Nugget, and Rihn-coach, Tyler, question their allegiances. A mud-bath storm is headed towards these two families with reputations and thousands of dollars on the line, but as always, the drama behind the scenes is as Texas-sized as the competition in the ring. Season two of PIG ROYALTY streams exclusively on discovery+ beginning Wednesday, Mar. 16.

In the all-new season of PIG ROYALTY, the notorious family rivalries of team Balero and team Rihn make a squealing return and each team has something to prove as these ‘pig’ time personalities go head-to-head. After the intensity of last year’s show season, Team Rihn is ready to get back in the ring with Jody and Josh Rihn’s son, Kannen, at the forefront. While trying to bulk up on buckles and redemption, the Rihns are also birthing baby pigs in hopes of revamping their business and increasing their breeding operations to form the ultimate champions. Just as the breeding operation is getting off the ground, the Rihn’s house gets destroyed by a tornado, forcing them to move into a trailer while they rebuild. Luckily no pigs are harmed, but feelings get hurt as family friend and fellow coach, Tyler Parrish, starts to question his future on the Rihn team.

On the other side of the arena, Team Balero, led by the fearless matriarch of a pig-winning dynasty, Michelle Bolero, isn’t going home without a fight… and some buckles. This season, the competition takes an unexpected turn as team Balero experiences a shocking betrayal when the star of their team, Nugget, begins entertaining offers from other teams. With Michelle only having one team member left, she’s determined to restore her show team back to its former glory and bring home the bacon.

With each family’s reputations and even livelihoods on the line, these contestants are willing to do whatever it takes to hog the coveted belt buckles and bragging rights in and out of the ring. The battle has just begun, and the pigs are ready to show up and show off. 

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PIG ROYALTY is produced for discovery+ by Hot Snakes Media. For Hot Snakes Media, Eric Evangelista, Shannon Evangelista, Erik Kesten, Benjamin Ringe and Annie Taylor are co-executive producers. For discovery+, Erin Wanner is executive producer and Pat Dempsey is supervising producer.

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