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‘The Mighty Underdogs’ reveals the drama, heart, and who really is ‘best in show’ among junior dog shows

May 24, 2021

The absolute pinnacle of the fierce world of dog show competitions are the AKC National Championship and the Westminster Dog Show, but it takes countless hours of practice, grit and determination to get there. And while the adult competitions are fierce, emotions run higher in the junior division. In this all-new coming-of-age competition series, THE MIGHTY UNDERDOGS, brings a never-before-seen look inside Junior Dog Shows where teen handlers compete among thousands for one of the limited, and highly coveted spots at the Westminster Dog Show, while also navigating the everyday journey of being a typical teenager! And at the center of the action is world-renowned coach, Jody Davidson, who not only builds champion teen handlers, trained to win with her strict rules and no-nonsense attitude, but also offers guidance on their road to self-discovery. As the competition heats up, rivalries and tempers flare and it is revealed who really is “best in show!” THE MIGHTY UNDERDOGS will be available across Discovery platforms in 4Q 2021. “There’s more than meets the eye in these Junior Dog Show competitions and what a better way to bring that quality of entertainment to the forefront than by showcasing a captivating cast of characters, starting with coach Jody Davidson,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, Executive Vice President, Development and Production, Factual Programming, Discovery. “This is an opportunity to highlight the highs and lows of the competitive show world in addition to shining a light on these confident, bold teen handlers who are dedicated to being the best of the best in their group.” 

In THE MIGHTY UNDERDOGS, it’s not just the dogs who are judged—it’s also the aspiring teen dog handlers. And that’s where coach Jody Davidson comes in, with her long-standing record of winning dog competitions and guiding these young adults each step of the way. The teen handlers and their enthusiastic parents learn exactly what it takes to stand out from the crowd and ultimately take home the winning title. And while the drama may heat up with each dog show, Jody’s group of teens are true athletes who support each other and have each other’s backs through the thick and thin of each competition. 

In THE MIGHTY UNDERDOGS, audiences will see these ambitious, quirky and curious kids learn the tricks of the trade as they embark on the journey of growing up and learning more and more about who they are. We meet the latest team members from Jody’s group of competitors; 13-year-old Emerson who has to make the decision of retiring her beloved dog Rye from the ring and start all over with a new puppy; 16-year-old Turner who hopes to make the Nationals before he ages out of the age-based competition but is often distracted by his girlfriend Emma who he competes with in the ring; 13-year-old Camryn who is obsessed with getting that first prize ribbon with her cute Pomeranian Kevin; and 13-year-old, Lily is busy showing her dog Gnarly as she tries to navigate her social anxiety in the ring and explore her own identity out of the ring. 

THE MIGHTY UNDERDOGS is produced for Discovery by Catalina Content. For Catalina Content, Jeff Collins and Brenda Coston are executive producers. For Discovery, Keith Hoffman is executive producer and Sarah Russell is supervising producer.

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